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The Difference

Having a high SEO ranking drives online engagement and helps generate leads.

Get a Whole Campaign, Not Disparate Half-Starts

A full-service local seo company that delivers campaigns worth more than the sum of its parts – strategic expertise in every area of SEO results for multi-pronged, synergistic campaigns.

Delivering Reliable and Transparent SEO Services

Working directly with brands to understand their voice and goals. Then communicating throughout the entire process so progress is clear.

Benchmark Progress: Lead Tracking & Validation

Defining measurable results and how accountability will be held. Access is provided to daily-updated dashboards showcasing tracked leads, validated leads and sales conversions, among other metrics.

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What An SEO Campaign Will Look Like

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of improving a company’s organic Google results by maximizing the impact of the most heavily-weighed factors in the search engine’s algorithm. There is a consistent 5-step approach that parallels the structured nature of search engine ranking criteria.

Discovery, Research & Analysis

The information gathering phase: understanding the business, industry and goals.


Confer upon measurable benchmarks, objectives and timetables.


Prepare lead-tracking software and additional technical tools to measure success against benchmarks in the execution phase.


An agreed upon plan put into action.

Analytics & Continuous Improvement

Review data from  campaigns to make adjustments that maximize the results.

A long-standing history of driving success.


With KitelyTech, I only see results. I don’t need to follow up with them as much.

Haittam Greib

CEO, Prestige Worldwide Logistics

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