Creative Director

Tighe O'Connor

A creative that has been in the marketing and technology space for the last decade, leading projects that look great and produce results.


Tighe O’Connor is a Senior UI/UX designer who has worked with clients across the US over the last 8 years. Over those years he has built platforms from the ground up leading discovery and design on what makes each platform successful for companies and enjoyable for users. He has led projects within various industries, namely tech and healthcare. He has always mixed creative work with business strategy. Prior to joining Kitely, he led a team as a Creative Director and Director of Operations in a marketing agency.

Certifications & Awards

AMA's 5-Day MBA (2018)

HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates (2020)

Inbound Certification

Animation Bootcamp

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Thought Leadership

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Tighe O'Connor

Navigating the Latest in Interface Design

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Tighe O'Connor

The Imperative of UI Design: Why It Matters More Than Ever

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