Oct 11, 2023

AI-Powered Changes to Software Development Everyone Should Know

AI-Powered Changes to Software Development Everyone Should Know

There are many variations to the software development process that affect the quality and cost of developed software. With AI having a big impact on technology in general, it's not surprising that developers are finding new ways to use AI in software development. Integrating AI into the software development process is leading to major changes in both processes and results. Here are four AI-powered changes to software development that you should know about. 

Automating and Improving Code Analysis for Security and Quality

Code analysis is an essential part of software development, as it helps to identify security issues and quality control problems. With thousands of lines of code going into a single new piece of software, it is no surprise that there may be errors somewhere in the code base. These errors can lead to bigger problems if left unfixed. AI is getting better at catching errors and fixing them automatically, giving developers the support that they need to improve quality control.

On top of that, some AI programs are getting better at catching problems in a codebase that can lead to security issues or deployment problems. Catching these problems before code goes to full production can save a company a lot of trouble in the long run.

Automating code analysis can help to improve development quality by quickly scanning the code and identifying any potential problems. This automation process can be used to detect issues such as coding errors, syntax errors, and even more complex security vulnerabilities.

Automated code scanning also allows for improved quality control by providing detailed reports on the overall state of the codebase. By automating and improving code analysis for security and quality, developers can ensure that their applications are secure and free from bugs or other issues that could cause problems later down the line.

Lowering the Barrier to Entry With New AI Assistance Tools

AI Support Tools are revolutionizing the way software is developed. With these tools, development without developers is now possible. AI Code Generators are a type of AI Support Tool that can be used to quickly and easily generate code for any given project. This removes the need for manual coding for large chunks of projects since AI can create the basic and reusable code needed for different parts of a project.

This also means that non-developers have better access to higher-quality coding resources without the need to onboard developers or learn coding themselves. By lowering the barrier to entry with new AI Assistance Tools, businesses of all sizes have access to efficient software development, which was an expensive and time-consuming problem before.

Low-code and no-code development platforms are catching on across the industry because of this. Business owners want access to stronger software systems without a high cost.

Small businesses, in particular, benefit from access to low-code and no-code systems since they can do the work themselves. AI makes it possible to fill in a lot of the gaps in coding knowledge so that non-developers can create software that fits their needs without a lot of extra overhead.

Faster Research and Development of Base Code Needed For Custom Development

The need for faster research and development of base code for custom development is becoming increasingly important in the modern business landscape. With information management, data analysis, and market research being integral components of any successful business strategy, having access to systems that can gather and analyze data faster is a major benefit to businesses.

Before developers begin any work on a program, they need to understand what it is that they need to build. The only way to do this is through market research to understand what people want and what the competition is building. 

This process of preparing for a project can take a long time, but companies are using AI to find the data that they need and conduct customer surveys to give developers the insight that they need to be successful.

Automating the Documentation Process for Faster Development and Greater Accuracy

Automating the documentation process can be a great benefit for software development teams. Not only does it speed up development time, but it also increases accuracy by removing manual errors that can occur during the documentation process. Automation eliminates the need to manually enter data and instead allows developers to quickly generate reports and documents with minimal effort.

Additionally, automated documentation processes are more secure than manual ones, as they require fewer steps to complete and are less prone to human error. Automated documentation also reduces the amount of time spent on mundane tasks such as formatting documents or entering data into databases, allowing developers to focus on more important tasks.

Leverage AI for Better Project Results

Using AI in different ways lets you get a range of results from your software development projects. The technology is still new, so it can be difficult to figure out how to implement it. The best way to leverage these new technologies is to work with a company that is on the cutting edge of AI integration into software development. At KitelyTech, our focus is on finding the best ways to develop the software that you need. That includes integrating new technologies, like AI, to get better, faster, and more reliable results. Leverage our expertise in AI and software development by calling us at (800) 274-2908 to discuss your next project.