Oct 11, 2023

Why Node.js is the Ultimate Enterprise App Development Platform

Why Node.js is the Ultimate Enterprise App Development Platform

There is a significant difference between the needs of medium and large companies and the needs of enterprise-level companies. Enterprise app development has special requirements due to the sheer size of the company’s user base. 

Combined with the need to scale and be flexible enough to fill a lot of roles for a company, companies are desperate for systems that make enterprise app development easier. Fortunately, Node. JS is the best option on the market, and it is easily available. Let’s take a closer look at why node.js is the ultimate enterprise app development platform.

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS is a JavaScript-based programming framework that lets developers create cross-platform apps. It works on the server side rather than on users’ devices, making it more predictable and producing faster results for users.

Companies love Node.JS for several key reasons, and it is starting to gain a lot more attention as companies look for better ways of building apps. Since it runs on the server side, Node.JS is easier for developers to use with predictable results. That way, they get consistent results no matter what ecosystem the app is sent to. 

Being made of JavaScript, it can create cross-platform apps that rely on a single codebase for deployment. Companies love this feature because it makes maintenance easier, less expensive, and more centralized than having several versions of an app to manage.

One of the defining features of Node.JS it is open-source, meaning the code is freely available to everyone. Developers often use Node.JS to create dynamic web pages and applications, as well as other server-side applications. 

Why Is Node.js Good for Enterprise Development?

Node.js is great for enterprise app development because of one key feature, its cross-platform capabilities. Enterprise-level development means that apps can be massive, cumbersome programs to manage. Take into account that there may be several versions of the app for different systems, all of which need to be updated and maintained so that they match, it is easy to see how enterprise development can be difficult. 

Node.JS alleviates many of these issues by letting developers make cross-platform systems. That way, there is one app that needs to be developed, and developers have a lot more control over how it works.

On top of that, Node.JS costs nothing to use. While enterprises are willing to spend money on resources, being able to get crowd-managed, constantly updated source code for a project can greatly reduce costs. 

Another important reason why Node.JS works so well in enterprise development is that it is based on JavaScript, one of the oldest and most used programming languages. There is no shortage of developers who can develop in JavaScript, making it easy for large companies to adopt for a project and expand their developer teams with qualified staff.

Why Do Big Brands Choose Node.js For Their Development Projects?

Perhaps the biggest reason why big brands choose Node.js for their development projects is because it has a track record of being a good option for companies that need to scale as their user base grows. Large brands often experience changes in the size of their user base when launching new products or services. Because of this, their systems need to scale with those changes. Node.JS makes it easy to scale because it is based on JavaScript.

JavaScript is compatible with nearly any system since it was created early in the development of the web. This means that Node.JS-based systems can pair with third-party resources to expand their operations. Essentially, you can feed more resources to a Node.JS program and have it scale almost infinitely to accommodate any business’ user base. 

This also means that Node.JS can work well with big data analytics programs. As companies become more competitive and rely more on data, being able to work with data analytics programs becomes more important. Developers are able to configure nodes to work with most third-party analytics tools that large brand companies already have in place.

When Should You Choose Node.js?

Companies should choose Node.JS in cases where they need to scale efficiently. While most systems can scale to an extent, having one that can scale seemingly infinitely is a major advantage. Companies expecting to see major changes in the size of their user base should consider Node.JS because it can scale more than most programs. 

Companies that also have systems in place that they cannot do without or change should consider Node.JS. Being built on JavaScript, it can integrate with a lot of systems that are already in place. That way, companies don’t have to worry about the costs of switching to other systems. 

Putting Node.JS to use in Enterprise App Development

With a system like Node.js, there is a lot that you can do when developing enterprise apps. The key to success is finding the right support for your development project, especially when you need to make a new app for a large company. Fortunately, you can get help from companies like KitelyTech.

At KitelyTech, we specialize in helping companies develop mobile apps, enterprise apps, and other business technologies. We even use a wide range of frameworks, including Node.js. Contact us at (800) 274-2908 to discuss your next app development project. We can use Node.js to build an enterprise app that fits your company’s needs and delivers the value to customers that you need it to.